Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alicesoft - Daiteikoku ( 大帝国 )

Haven't checked out this gem yet?Well,what are you waiting for?

Daiteikoku is the newest Alicesoft game that features "Dai-" in it's name,like Daibanchou and Daiakuji.For those that don't know what these games are,they're popular Eroge of this company,so procceed while knowing this is actually a 18+ game.

The game puts you in the position of Japan in a WWII-like universe,where the player can navigate from star to star,while underneath there's the actual world map,giving you the feeling that you don't just divide and conquer in a chaotic universe.

As the commander of the Japanese fleet,you are supposed to use your wits and troops to invade other areas,as well as fend off incoming attacks from enemy forces.You will be given some starting Japanese generals,and you'll be able to capture many more as you journey through the stars.Each general will be able to command up to four ships,which can be produced as long as you can pay for them.Don't waste resources on low level ships though,as while the game progresses,higher level ships become available for research,and therefore,mass production.

A standard invasion screen would be like this:

Where you are supposed to kill as many as possible attack the enemies with stars next to them.Enemies are usually captured as long as they're unique and not just a random,unnamed soldier from the opposing force.

A standard defensive screen would be like this:

Same rules apply,though I'm not sure you can capture enemy commanders this way (or it's just that I couldn't catch any,given that I've only seen generics in my defensive battles)

The player has many choices on the ends,since you can go with the usual Japanization plan,or try something else,maybe more extreme.Do note though,that going for Japanization will cut your resource income,making you more vulnerable since you won't be able to produce many ships.However in this route you can get the most unique characters,thus making up for the resource shortcoming.

Even though this game has it's problems,it's definitely worth a shot,especially if you like the art and soundtrack of Alicesoft games.

Q : So where can I find more information for this so-called "gem"?
A :

Q : I would like to play this game,but it's not available in my country/I don't want to buy it.
A : While I don't want to provide direct links,you can check out the usual suspects:TokyoTosho,HongFire or even Google.You can find many download methods that will certainly suit your needs.

Q : I don't know Japanese,is there a translation patch?
A : No,there is no translation patch,and as it seems there will never be one.Well,maybe someone could release a partial patch for menus and the like,but a complete patch is ruled out for now since there isn't anyone who's interested enough in translating all that stuff.You can always hope,but again,don't expect too much.

Q : Will I like this game?
A : Do you like strategy games?Do you like the world war setting?Then I think this game's for you.At least try it,you never know what could happen.

Q : Do I need anything else to play this?
A : Well,usually you can just use AppLocale to install it and play.If there are problems,you could switch to Japanese Locale or use NTLEA and the sorts.

Hope you like it fellas!



  2. Haters gonna hate.Might not be a masterpiece,but you can't say it's not worth it.

  3. The verdict is out on the partial translation: Masterpiece