Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oblivion revisited

Haven't updated for a while huh? Well, I wasn't busy or anything, but there wasn't anything worth mentioning here. That is, until five days ago. For some strange reason, I remembered I hadn't played Oblivion for a long time, so I decided to look for it again. Fortunately, my old Elder Scrolls folder was there, in one of my external HDDs. Unfortunately, Skyrim wasn't there too( I wanted to give it a shot too, since the first time I only played through the tutorial dungeon and then stopped).

The really good thing was that my mods were all there, mostly intact. The bad thing was that I couldn't even remember what most .esp files were for. Well, some are pretty explanatory, but what the hell is this SW01Plus.esp???

Anyway, I decided to make a new character and start taking screenies, now that my hardware is much better and it can handle stuff like max textures/anti-aliasing/etc. So I'll try posting the ones I like every now and then, at least till I stop playing the game. Here's a bunch from the past week: