Monday, June 20, 2011

Resonance of Fate Revisited

I remember when I first bought this game.Resonance of Fate in the West, or End of Eternity in Japan.It was in the week it came out.Pretty close with Final Fantasy XIII,which came out one or two weeks later.I was really happy when I got it,but that happiness quickly vanished after the first hours.But why was that?

The game started out pretty much alright.The gameplay was slightly peculiar,but it wasn't hard to understand,you plan your runs,you do it,then after getting enough Scratch Damage,you get your Handgun user on,and you kill the enemy.Downright simple,right?That's what I said as well.After the first fights,I had gotten the hang of it,and I was certain I could kill anything the game would throw at me.And then it happened.

My first boss fight.It was like nothing I've ever encountered before,in any RPG I've ever played.Well,at least not for a first boss.I've fought hard bosses,or even regular enemies that are pretty strong or annoying,but they come out after you've spent many hours in the game,when you've got enough experience to take them out without too much hassle.But this?It was unexpected.My first death was after two runs,when one of my characters landed near the boss,and then CRITICAL CONDITION.I just didn't know what to do,and naturally I got a game-over screen 1 turn later.Of course,as the developers of such a hard game anticipated, there was a retry option in exchange of a small amount of Rubies, the currency in this game.So I retried, and only managed a bit more before dying miserably again.And again.And again.And again.

But by now, it was expected, wasn't it?Suddenly,I come up to this big fella that one-shots me no matter what.Isn't it pretty unmotivating?It is.I remember restarting nearly ten times before I managed to make up a nice strategy to kill this guy.Of course, it felt so good after that, it should be a crime.But after that, the game became disappointing.I was back to a boring storyline,boring quests,and I was like "what is this?I can't keep playing this.".So I played a bit more,and then stopped out of boredom.Then Final Fantasy XIII came out,and this game stayed forgotten in the shelf.

So after more than a year,I decided to repick it.And suddenly, it's pretty nice.I can kill off anything, even bosses and stuff, after one or two retries.It suddenly got really easy.And interesting.Now I don't have to waste half an hour on a boss that can't die quickly enough before my party dies.I can enjoy all the fights,take my time in doing quests,unlocking the hexes of Basel, fighting in the arena, and more.I'm happy I repicked this game,since I now know how awesome it is.

For those of you that still haven't played it,or have dropped it like me after playing only a little part of the game,give it a shot.You'll see how nice it actually is.

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