Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~~ Mahou Shoujo Ruruka ~~

First of all, let me clarify that this game is labeled 18+, so you minors might wanna reconsider reading this.

Since I decided to clean up my hard drive a bit, I checked out random games that I hadn't even installed (yay for me randomly downloading hundreds of files without thinking) and I stumbled on this one, and since I actually like it, I'm gonna write a short review. It's full name, along with the circle's name, and other credentials too, and also an easy way to search for it, is  (同人ソフト) [110619] [くろごまソフト] 魔法少女☆ルルカ.

On first sight, this game seems just like any other standard non-ero RPGmaker game. The heroine, Ruruka, is a resident in Heaven(at least it seemed like that, could be just some sort of community) and is a wizard apprentice. After a quick training battle, she is sent to Earth, probably for further experience.

Her landing, however, isn't really good, but a girl finds her and takes her home to heal her wounds. She then stays there and the exploration begins.

As you go in the first dungeon, you find out enemies are pretty powerful, and suddenly you're out of MP after four or so battles. Additionally, as Ruruka gets damaged, her clothes get damaged too.

So, what happens when her HP reach zero? Well, naturally, since this is a GOR game and not a PG-13 game, the standard procedure gets altered a bit.Every different enemy has a distinct scene GORing poor Ruruka. After that, it's like Pokemon. You never get the game over title screen choice, you just faint and are transported back to your house.

The funniest part however, is that the game keeps track of every GOR scene. Some are even unique and missable, since they are from bosses. So if you're aiming for 100%, be prepared to lose A LOT!


Q.1: So I shouldn't play this if I'm less that 18 years old?
A: Well, that depends. The game doesn't feature anything extreme, apart from some extreme scenes featuring tentacles and stuff, but I don't think they can't be handled by minors, who have probably seen many worst things on the internet. That's not however definite, so if you find the concept too obscure, leave it be.It's not a great game or anything after all, it just caters to the fans.

Q.2: I see no download links, why not? And where can I find it?
A: As usual it's against my policy to post links etc, since they're not the most legal thing in this world. However, a quick search in Google, Tokyotosho, Hongfire, Nihonomaru, or any other similar sharing site will provide you what you want, and even more.

Q.3: Is there an english translation patch too?
A: No there is not. I've heard some people discussing about possibilities, but they're minimal. This is a fairly unknown game and will probably remain forever unknown, so unless a big fanbase comes out and asks for one, a translation patch isn't happening, ever.

Have fun!

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