Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's YOUR excuse for not trying Ten Desires out yet?

 But I was on vacation. I could rarely access the Internet, much less download something as bulky as this game. Yeah, I know. Lame excuse. Anyways, let me review this new ZUN wonder a bit.

I imagine most, if not all of you, have already played the trial version. And after you did, you might have thought "well, that wasn't anything spectacular at all". Those were my thoughts as well. I liked the trial version, but just not enough. Not as much as I'd have liked a new Touhou game. Luckily, the full game came to satisfy those feelings.

The game starts off fairly easily, then picks up the pace in later stages. You'll be happy to find out that the annoying freeze skill from th12.8 is gone, except for one character, the new addition, Youmu. Dunno about you guys/gals, but I hated it since I'm used to play by mostly pressing Shift.

You see those blue spheres? There are other colors as well. They are the new "UFOs" that provide stuff like more lives, bombs, score, and there are also the black ones, which I believe have something to do with another new mechanic of the game.

This new feature, a supposed kind of Ghost Form, lets you keep shooting for sometime after you get shot down (you can extend the time you may stay in this form by the black spheres, or by other ways, I guess). I haven't checked if you do more damage while in that form, however it looks pretty neat, much like the Hysteria Mode from Alice:Madness Returns.

What veterans might notice is the overall reduced difficulty. Even if I'm an "Easy Modo" player, it was pretty clear after I 1CC'd the game on my first try on Easy mode with Marisa. Yes, on my first try. Yes, with Marisa, the most linear shooter of the game, the one you can't use to simply graze bullets and let homing missiles do your job. Yes, that was directed to dedicated Reimu players >_>

The soundtrack is also pretty nice, but don't expect too much. No Imperishable Night or Perfect Cherry Blossom OST here. Yes, I know, it's awesome and all, but I still do prefer the aforementioned ones.

That's all I had to say. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!

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