Monday, February 21, 2011

Dissidia 012 Duodecim Prologue Confirmed for the West

A representative from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that the "Prologue" chapter for Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy will be released in the West ahead of the release of the Final Fantasy fighter sequel in a post on the official Playstation Blog.

Responding to a fan question in the comments about if and when the Dissidia "Prologus" chapter would be available on the European Playstation Store. Responding was Ross McGarth, part of the Playstation Store team in Europe. His response confirmed both a US and EU release, saying "the Prologus will be out at the same time as the US (at least that’s the date I have)."

The Prologus was released in Japan during the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere. It allows fans to take control of several of the chahracters from the final version of the game and fight through a chapter that leads up to the opening of the final version of Dissidia.

Those who play the Prologus chapter will carry their level, items and other bonuses over to the final game but also unlock a major exclusive bonus - Final Fantasy VII's Aerith. She won't be playable, but will be selectable as an 'Assist' character who appears in battle and performs a single action to aid you. She'll only be available in Dissidia to those who played Prologus.

Prologus cost 300 Yen in Japan - essentially amounting to a paid demo with some original story content. It's not too bad, mind - that only comes out at around £2.50 or $4. #

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