Sunday, January 15, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo; who wouldn't love it?

 But of course I'm a big Final Fantasy fanboy. It's quite obvious I'd take anything and worship it because it's got "Final Fantasy" in it's title. No, I'm not serious. Even if I actually do worship the franchise, I still despise FF2, or FF7 which does get a good amount of praise from other fanboys nonetheless.But now is not the time to discuss such trifling matters. The thing is, we got an awesome demo out on PSN.

 The first thing that came to my mind when Final Fantasy XIII-2 was announced wasn't a nice one. I thought "What if it's like FF X-2?" Yeah, I've spent like 80 hours on FF X, and the 3 whole hours that were spent on FF X-2 weren't exactly...entertaining, so to say. Maybe I'd play a bit more if I had it on my hands right now, but since I don't really care about it, it means I won't play it too much even so.

 And there came the reason I'd love the game no matter what: Serah was not only a playable character, but the main heroine as well. Yeah, if you consider how much I wanted Serah to be playable back in FF XIII, you'll know why this became a good enough reason for me to get the game. However, this was a primary step, since I still wasn't sure if it was worth it, since FF XIII wasn't really spectacular, apart from the nice graphics and stuff. It's kinda silly to have so much playtime in other FFs, and what's more sometimes 2-4 playthroughs, and suddenly playing FF XIII once and finding out it's not worth another playthough. Great.

 So here I am, waiting for the full game, and suddenly "you'll get a demo too". Yay! I was overjoyed. Not that I wanted to see if I'd get the final version or something, but it'd be a way to get a taste of what's coming.

 And here it was. I booted it up and hoped for the best. The demo starts off with a boss battle, which was cool like back in FF XIII, plus Serah. Plus cool cinematics, and button inputs for extra damage, stagger, and more cinematics. I liked it a lot, though the repetition that lingers from the usual battlestyle persists. Then you get to free-roam in a T O W N. Or at least it looked like it. Another good addition in this kind of game that is continuously about battles-story-battles-story.

 So it seems that Serah can jump. I swear I pressed that damned button like 100 times, everytime more and more happy that jump was controllable now. I loved how Light jumped around in a cool way in the previous game, but this is much better.

 Then came more battles, and a peculiar mechanic: "Monster Paradigm", plus summoning them as your allies, and much more.

 I ain't gonna describe the whole demo since it'd be a shame to waste the experience for anyone else, but I loved it overall, except for some minor problems, like graphic quality drops and stuff. I do believe however that the final version will have these fixed (or at least I hope so.)

(Doesn't the outfit of the fainted girl look.......familiar?!?!?)

 Don't wait people! Just download the damn thing and give it a try. For those who can't, ahh, I dunno. Find a friend and play it there, or watch it in Youtube.

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