Monday, March 5, 2012

Finally got Catherine!

Yeah so, after all those months of waiting for the game to be localized (I still remember how everyone used to say that this game has so many adult scenes it wouldn't be localized) then even more waiting for it to be published in Europe by Deep Silver (yes, thank you, you're the sole reason I never imported it) and finally some more waiting because of exams, I managed to get my hands on this copy. Do not fear precious, I'll never let go of you.

So what exactly is this game? For those that haven't heard of it, it's Atlus's latest Persona-like game on PS3 and Xbox360. Partly horror, most of the attention this game has received is for the adult content there's in.

You take control of Vincent Brooks, the main character, aged 32, who is apparently about to make a big decision, since his girlfriend is tossing around thoughts of marriage and the like. And suddenly, a girl shows up, completely screwing his life as is.

The lesser half part of the game is in a bar. You talk with your friends, with random strangers, you check your mobile phone, drink, etc. This is the most realistic part of the game, and funny in some cases.

The main part of the game comes after you get to your home. After you sleep you "wake up" in a weird place where you see sheep all around, wearing your boxer and only holding your pillow. Apparently it's a Tartarus of sorts (non-Persona fans, please bear with me) and you gotta climb. OR ELSE YOU'LL FALL! AND YOU'LL DIE! No shit Sherlock. I can't remember even one game that made you descend a tower and not ascend it.

The rest is up to you to figure out. The game is kinda short by itself, so unless you aim for other stuff, like getting gold on all stages, or finishing the game on hard, or reaching the top of Babel, or getting trophies/achievements, I wouldn't recommend it for it's full price. The soundtrack is composed by Shoji Meguro, which did seal the deal, for me at least. Fans will and definitely already enjoy this game.

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