Sunday, July 1, 2012

Warriors Orochi 3 : How much more awesome can a game be?

Well, after weeks of thinking of whether I should get this game, I finanlly did. Gladly.

I do like this kind of games. I really, really do. I've played lots of them, dating back to the first Dynasty Warriors on PS1 I think. Then I played another instalment on a friend's PS2, since I didn't have one for the first few years of it's release. I've also played Warriors Orochi 2, Sengoku Basara, Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star is it's western release name), Bleach: Soul Resurrection and others. And as much as I love them, I hate them at the same time for their repetitiveness. I know, many games are repetitive. But these games are just too much. Well, Warriors Orochi 3 happens to be much more interesting in the long run.

It doesn't have an awesome story. Nor does it have extremely well-made gameplay, or superior mechanics. But then, why call it awesome? Well, Warriors Orochi 3 is not something entirely new. Fans of hack'n'slash will love it. DW fans will love it too.But the game welcomes those who are new in those games as well.

It's story is kinda cheesy, but there are some parts that I myself really like. You start off at the final stage with the 3 initial characters, with the last boss in front of you, and attempt to kill it, alas, in vain. Thankfully, Kaguya (not this blog's Kaguya, mind you) comes and saves you. And then you understand that you need more than just those three, so off you go for a little time travelling to create a decent party capable of taking the beast on. First Soul Calibur V, then Final Fantasy XIII-2, then this. What's with all the time travelling these days, are they trying to prepare us for something or what?

Anyway, your journey begins at that point, by starting to travel in previous battles your characters have witnessed and change them by saving allies worth being saved. And you keep saving and saving people but some still die in those battles. Is that a problem? Of course not. You should just try an even older battle, so you can change the outcome of the stage that the character you want to save still dies before being saved. Well, you get the point. It doesn't get any more confusing than that.

The gameplay is pretty basic, tap Square for the normal attack, Triangle for charge attack, Circle for Musou attack and Cross to jump. Other than that, R1 is a special attack unique to each hero, L1  is reset camera/defend and R2/L2 for switching characters in battle. That's right, instead of taking only 1 character in each battle, you can get 3 of them at a time. Then you can switch whenever you like (well, as long as your character is not knocked down) and let your character rest for a bit or even for the remainder of the stage. This mechanic is pretty much what keeps me in the game, because by using it you can get combos running for as long as you like. You also get to activate True Triple Attack(TTA), which is pretty cool, but I don't wanna spoil it.

Apart from that, it's nothing special. There's the bond system, that supposedly strengthens TTA and does other stuff too, like unlocking stages, and there are lots of unlockable characters too, 120+ from what I hear. The more the merrier I guess.

There are also guest characters, and some are great, like Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. After that there are DLC costumes/stages/music, but those are too optional to bother, even for me. Well, I miiiiiiiiiiight wanna get the X-mas costumes if they ever come out in the West.

Overall, this game is not a GOTY, but in the hack'n'slash division it shines, at least for me. I can easily recommend it, the large selection of characters will probably not let you get bored. That's all folks!

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